Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lightsaber duels, the right way

I remember when I first saw a Star Wars movie. I was little and I really didn’t understand the story. Looking back on it, I didn’t remember a whole lot of anything from it, but I did remember the amazing magic swords. I dare say that my love affair with the Star Wars movies starts and ends with Jedi and their lightsabers. After seeing some fan made saber battles, I wanted to see what others who share my love could do with the elegant weapon.

First up is RvD2. A sequel to RvD1, the sequel is better in every possible way. The guys behind it obviously learned a lot from their first video and it really shows. Inventive moves, good camera work, and the music really adds to the epic feel of it.

Concrete Hustle was a very pleasant surprised. While it lacks the polish of RvD, the athletic ability of the guy with the yellow saber really makes this clip. They tried some cool stuff, and for the most part, I think it paid off.

The Art of the Saber has a semblance of a story, which most of these videos lack. Both of the fighters in this clip are damn good martial artists and it shows. I’d love to see these guys in an RvD produced clip. That could be the greatest fan clip of all time!

Last up is the preview clip from Bioware. Obviously, being a big company, they have money to throw around, but this CG video is what space wizards fighting is all about!