Wednesday, November 30, 2011

IMS Presents Film Squad Vol 12 - They're not puppets, they're THE MUPPETS

Film Squad Vol 12 - "They're not puppets, they're THE MUPPETS"

Act 1 - News
Weekend box office numbers, Christian Bale puts down the cowl, STAR TREK 2 gets triple-dimensionalized and gets a date, George Miller goes three movies beyond Thunderdome

Act 2 - What We've Been Watching
Green Latern: The Animated Series, HUGO

Act 3 - Review

Act 4 - Coming Soon
Blu-ray Release Highlights - OUR IDIOT BROTHER and ANOTHER EARTH

Next week's show is going to be a review and discussion of season six of Doctor Who. So send in your reviews, thoughts, and talking points.

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