Wednesday, May 9, 2012

IMS Presents Film Squad Vol 29 - Marvelous AVENGERS

Film Squad Vol 29 - "Marvelous AVENGERS"

Act 1 - News
Box office numbers, James Cameron is only making AVATAR movies from here on out, PROMETHEUS kills del Toro's AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, 48 frames a second controversy, Edgar Wright teases ANT-MAN

Act 2 - What We've Been Watching
THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT, THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, Disney XD's The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Act 3 - Review

Act 4 - Coming Soon
Blu-Ray/DVD Releases -- UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING, THE VOW, Chuck: The Complete Fifth Season
New Releases -- DARK SHADOWS

We will be back next week talking about GRIFF THE INVISIBLE, available on Netflix Instant.

Closing Song: Scooter - "The Avenger's Back"

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